woensdag 4 juli 2012


Sorry, Shirley, apparently I've just one photo, and it's NOT very good.
But I hope you've got an idea.
It's one stamp, containing 9 inchies. These are with flowers. I. ve added some flowers and a Happy B-day-wish, wich I cut out.
I've used 3 inchies on another card, that's already shown on my blog, but I' ll show you anyway.
I hope that now you've an idea of "ïnchies".
Warm greetings, Alix

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Alix, you are so sweet to post this card for me and in English too! Now I know that it is possible to create inchies :) Your cards are beautiful and gives ideas for using the tiny little creations ! I'll make cards from my Twinchies... Love the colours too, Hugs, Shirleyx

  2. Hoi hoi alix,
    wat een prachtige stempelkaartjes!
    Groetjes van Daatje

  3. Shirley krijgt mooie verjaardagskaarten, dat is zeker, Alix!!

    groetjes en geniet van de zon, Alie :-)

  4. Prachtige kaart met inchie's die je gemaakt hebt Alix.

    Groetjes Janny


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